What Do We Provide

We create custom enterprise mobile solutions that meet your immediate and long-term business needs. Our experts will seamlessly integrate a mobile strategy into your business without disrupting ongoing operations.

We focus on immediate results, working with you to identify and quickly roll out an initial prototype to demonstrate your commitment to enterprise mobile. In this initial phase, we also lay the foundation for your long-term mobile strategy.

We have a skilled team of creative talent and specialists in mobile app user experience dedicated to designing apps that your users will find as engaging and fun to use as the personal apps they already have on their mobile device.

Our Creative team follows a defined process to work with customers and our programming team to design apps that facilitate fast and complete adoption.

We've built a versatile team of mobile and technical experts who not only know what makes enterprise mobile app development different. They know what to do about it.

Our mobile app development team can work with you at every step of the process, from requirements definition to delivery and ongoing support. We offer a tailored set of á la carte services for enterprise mobile app development.

Why Choose Us

  • Experience. We've built a team with vast experience in all aspects of enterprise mobile strategy.
  • Proprietary Tools. Our proprietary mobile tool-kit and expertise significantly reduce time-to-market for our clients.
  • Custom Solutions. We design and build custom mobile solutions to meet your organization's unique needs.
  • Seamless Integration. We use process and methodology to integrate your mobile strategy seamlessly into your mainstream business flow.
  • Creative Design. We have creative design experts who build well-designed, intuitive mobile solutions.


iTech has the experts, the partners, and experience to deliver complete enterprise mobile solutions for your business. We excel at creating mobile solutions to help you stay ahead of your competition and meet your business goals. Our versatile team of experts will work with you at every step to create an effective enterprise mobile strategy.

Mobile Strategy

Mobile Strategy

We create enterprise mobile strategies that integrate into your business smoothly and seamlessly with no disruption to ongoing operations. Learn more

Creative Services

The first impression is the most important impression. Our Creative Services team designs mobile apps that are engaging, intuitive and fun to use.Learn more

App Dev

When it comes to app development, our experience counts for quite a bit. Our Dev team creates apps that deliver tangible business value.Learn more


Our specialized enterprise mobile testing and quality assurance process will make sure your new app works on every designated platform and device.Learn more


Our mobile analytics experts will help you spot issues before they're problems and identify opportunities before they're missed.Learn more


Our security team creates comprehensive enterprise mobile security strategies customized for each client.Learn more

Cloud Hosting

We analyze your requirements and recommend the best hosting strategy for your mobile apps.Learn more





A Company That Loves to Create

iTech is a company of smart, talented, and creative people who design mobile solutions with the belief that process and collaboration should be as exciting and fun as the end result. We came together because we believe we can make a positive impact on how companies perceive and utilize mobile applications.


We believe mobile applications are ideal for getting serious business accomplished. Mobile apps are no longer just for gaming, social media, or taking photos. Apps are a necessity for a business to improve its communication, process, culture, and the reach to its targeted audience. A mobile app can access the collective brain of the organization readily and easily.

iTech delivers mobile innovation and measurable ROI to our clients through a combination of Mobile Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, State-of-the-Art Enterprise Design, and Deployment. We specialize in developing cross-platform mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows that help businesses unlock new revenue streams and improve operational efficiencies.
The solutions we provide are all about our clients. We understand the best way to approach enterprise mobile may not be clear to you. We work with you to develop a collective vision and strategy that will build your confidence in mobile so that, by the time your first application launches, you're already thinking about the next one…

At iTech, we understand there are no shortcuts to building high-quality mobile applications for your enterprise. But we also understand that you don't have time or money to waste. To give you the best possible mobile apps in the least amount of time, we've developed an agile methodology that reduces risk and increases quality of the mobile apps we create for businesses.

iTech Agile Mobile Process (iAMP)

We use a disciplined approach to addressing the unique requirements of an enterprise mobile strategy. Compared to traditional software and business strategy development, enterprise mobile requires a specialized focus on the user experience, architecture, and testing. Our development process follows the latest in agile and Scrum software development best practices.


The Seven Key Steps to Our Development Process


Discovery is the where our process starts. You may know what you want, but we need to understand what you need. Our team works with yours to understand your strategy, goals, and capabilities to create the best solution. Depending on the complexity of your project, we have various discovery tasks and will use our experienced business analysts and user experience experts to document the application to be designed.

Mobile UX Design.

The most important task for mobile apps is the user interface design. You need an intuitive, friendly, and beautiful app that takes advantage of what makes mobile a unique experience. Mobile user interface design at iTech is a combination of business, technology, user experience, and creative. Our experts in each of these areas work together to create a mobile experience that users love.

Solution Design.

iTech does not just build apps. We build solutions that transform your company into a mobile enterprise. Our solution design methodology addresses process, data, analytics, support, maintenance, and the infrastructure. By taking a more holistic solutions approach, we deliver both a quality experience to users and fulfill the goals of your business and meet your operational needs.

Quality Assurance.

Mobile users are very sensitive to quality. Making sure you get five stars on reviews is just part of the job. If apps crash, you could lose reputation and money. Our quality procedures are designed to ensure your app works as designed and has the performance you require. Because of the fragmented device market, we rely on a large number of simulation and live device tests to make sure your app works for all users, including those with old iPhones or bottom-of-the-market Android devices.

Infrastructure Design.

Our develop process takes into account the unique infrastructure requirements for enterprise mobile. Your databases, documents, media, middleware, enterprise service bus and more need to be seamlessly integrated with your application. Deployments are a critical part of the process where we stage and test the systems, their integrations and their scalability. We also have the ability to create cloud-based systems that help reduce the impact of your existing infrastructure.


Apps are not getting simpler, they are getting more complex. Users want easy-to-use apps, but you know there's complex infrastructure doing the hard work to make the user experience positive. Long-term management of the infrastructure, user support, and maintaining integrations is an important set of tasks. Backups, disaster recovery, and update procedures are also covered as part of your management solution. We also set up various levels of visibility to your support team, customers, partners, and to executives.

Device Deployment and User Management.

The last part of our process is deployment of the apps on devices. We support several solutions that allow us to create large beta tests, enterprise deployments, enterprise app stores, and traditional app stores. Depending on your application, we can also install from the web or through mobile device management tools.


iTech Architecture for Cross-platform Design and Development (iTAX)

iTech Architecture for Cross-platform Design and Development, or "iTAX," is the architectural foundation we use to build all of our commercial enterprise mobile applications. From its inception, iTAX was designed to be an architecture we would not only use in our own commercial cross-platform apps, but also one we could license to our enterprise clients who desire to build their own cross-platform systems.

iTAX is actually a collection of frameworks and tool-kits, all of which build upon and leverage each other to form a comprehensive architecture for cross-platform enterprise systems and apps:

  • Core Framework
  • User Administration Framework
  • Organizational Framework
  • Collaboration Framework
  • Analytics Framework
  • UI Toolkit
  • Visual Design Toolkit

Our iTAX framework allows us to build enterprise mobile apps faster and more efficiently, giving your organization a significant and valuable head start on building your next app. Why build from scratch when we've already laid the foundation?

Join the company that loves to create.

iTech Architecture for Cross-platform Design and Development, or "iTAX," is the architectural foundation we use to build all of our commercial enterprise mobile applications. From its inception, iTAX was designed to be an architecture we would not only use in our own commercial cross-platform apps, but also one we could license to our enterprise clients who desire to build their own cross-platform systems.

We value people as our greatest asset. As a iTech employee, you're encouraged to be creative, and you'll work alongside great people who have a passion and talent for developing next-generation mobility solutions. We hire the best, train the best, and retain the best. In addition to a collaborative culture and excellent career advancement opportunities, iTech offers the following:

  • Competitive pay structure
  • Comprehensive benefits package
  • Industry-leading benefits and training
  • Casual dress code
  • Flexible work hours
  • Work/life balance

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